A Big Change in My Life / 我生命中的一個重大改變

Most of my life, I have been afraid of facing changes in my living circumstances, especially moving to a new place. Two years ago, all my fears came true as my family moved from Taiwan to Richardson, Texas. My world turned upside down. Not only did I experience a change in my living situation but also a change in language, climate, friends and food. It was really a challenge for me, I needed to learn to cope with all the changes at one time. I started going to a high school called J.J.Pearce, but I only lasted one week. During that week, there were too many difficult problems that I could not deal with. By the end of August, I made a firm decision to return to Taiwan.


After going back to Taiwan, I still had to face the reality that one day I would have to go back to the United States because my mother and my sister remained there. This was really a huge obstacle to me. I knew I must face these new things in my life sooner or later.


The one who helped me face my fears is my father. He told me a story about himself. About twenty years ago, he graduated from the university in Taiwan and applied to a graduate school in Northern Illinois. He had never been to the United states before. But he and my mother were brave enough to come to America and drove a car from the West Coast, with only a package, a map and five hundred dollars. He was still a little afraid and did not know what would happen. However, he just kept a mood of “Enjoy those!”. He enjoyed seeing a big new world, where he met new people, chatted with strangers, and marveled at wonderful sceneries. He knew clearly that whatever circumstance he met, he must get through it. He was young, and youth is the richest time of life.


My father’s story encouraged me: Life is a journey. Now it is time to make this journey wonderful and colorful. This requires me to be brave to try new things and never turn my back on difficulties, also learn to love new things and enjoy the challenge I meet. When you enjoy them, you will find the bright side of them.


I could choose to stay where I am familiar with until I die, but the world is full of amazing and interesting aspects; it would be such a pity if I never touched them. There are thousands of kinds of people in every corner of the world. We should contact them to know what their lives are, and broaden our horizons. Life, is to enjoy, to be happy, to relax.


Therefore, I moved to United States about two months ago. When taking off from Taiwan, I was filled with courage and expectation of my new life. And I made a promise with my friends in Taiwan, we must pursue our dreams. Next time when we meet again, we have to return from a rewarding journey. Although there must be some hard and painful things, I knew clearly that whatever way I go has its own wonderful gifts. I try to keep a mood just like my father, “Enjoy those in new life!”. I knew I can be optimistic to solve my problems and relax!


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