She said / 她告訴我

You have not taken your heart back from Taipei. Your home is still there although your parents live in Dallas. Home is where you feel comfortable, home is where you wanna go back when you get tired.


You feel lost now because you cannot find your way home. What you need at this moment is to find a home in Arlington, just like the one you had found in Taipei.


You know what? There are many lovely people here who have big hearts. There are so many rooms in these hearts which are waiting for you to enter into. They will love you as their own daughter. Similiarly, your heart is big enough to accommodate new people. But don’t worry, You will never lose those who have been in your heart already.


You should know that He moved you here for the purpose to let you enjoy Him more and more, He chose you before creating the world because He had known you would receive Him, and love Him.

Casting all your anxiety on Him, because it matters to Him concerning you.


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