My Favorite You

My Favorite You

And I know that you know it. You know that you are, and will always be my favorite.

I’m so proud of you. You are my little great traveler that You’ve made it so far. You crossed the ocean and traveled thousands of miles. You made it even further than many other people who had never been that far in their lives as you did.

The days which our loved ones are around us are much lesser compared to the days they are absent. It is still so hard for me to believe that you’re gone. I know you so well. I remember how my hands felt when I touched you. I remember your voice. I know your temper. I know your fears. I know what you like. I know you love me. I can’t believe that from now on those things will officially become just part of my memories.

But I thank God that He blessed you. Dad told me that you seemed like falling asleep without having pains, and your soul walking in heaven and knowing that you are loved. I do think that our time together is beautiful, and what you gave me is great enough.

For what it was worth, it is worth all the while. I will always love you. Time grabs us by the wrist that we have to go on. At those points in my life I cry (I should be happy because now you are at the best place), I don’t know why, but tears are still necessary.

Dear you, I love you, my favorite you.

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