Don’t Let The Ghosts Chase You




Terenife Sea

Another man that I can stay up and listen to all night long. Keep repeating. Keep exploring. A genuine voice is the greatest comfort to the other million restless minds. We are all stuck somewhere, somewhere that makes us feel small. We are stuck with ourselves. We are stuck with our pride and shame. We are stuck with our desires and fears. We are stuck with lives that keep us sane and drive us crazy all the same time.

I thought I moved on because I finally stopped reminiscing about those touches and conversations. But why is that, why didn’t it cost me even a second to recognize your outline in the dark? Why do I still see you celestial? Why do I still see the night sky trapped in your eyes and I still get lost in them?

Things our brains try to forget stay in our bones and show in our dreams. What troubles me is my own reflection in them. But we will figure it out sooner or later, won’t we? Eventually? And we will be fine. Don’t let the ghosts chase you. Let tomorrow worry for itself. Now, sleep.

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