We Are All Mental




If you can be a little less sensitive. If you can be a little less mental… then we might all do better.


Pete’s Piano Bar

Piano always sounds so elegant. Surprisingly, elegance has nothing to do with this piano bar I went to this past Saturday night. I, the person who is writing this blog post, have nothing to do with elegance in my life, ever.

There are two pianos at the front, with a drum set between them, and a few people who can sing almost all kinds of music and really know how to interact with people. It’s like a country club, but we got young people in it. It’s like a live house, meanwhile every single person is part of the music. You are not a listener. Quiet listener is not allowed in this bar. You are a singer. You sing every song at the top of your lungs (if you don’t know the words for the song, make up your owns), you dance at the tip of your toes, you raise your hands over your head, and you shout out loud like it is the last night for your life. Why the last night? Well, we never know! We may not have tomorrow. Yep, there are even neon words on the wall telling you: SING LOUD.


This is fantastic. There are some crazy elements born with me which can’t be burned up. I somehow hate attention among the people I know, but I love to be put under the spotlight in front of strangers. I don’t have to care how you will think about me the next day, we are just all low-maintenance. A high-class humor sense is not forever necessary. You can freely speak (sing) the words such as shots, sex, hell, yet not feel dirty and uncomfortable at all. A girl in the restroom told me, hey, how come everyone just looks so cute tonight?

There was a great 10-minute session I want to specially mention it. Because of the memorial day long weekend, piano people had all men who had served in the military to stand at the front, and had the whole bar sing “God Bless USA” to them. This is one of the things I like about American: To be a patriot, you may not have as much respect to your country as an Asian does, but what you admire should never make you feel distant. It’s simple and beautiful to show your love in such a direct way.

When we were walking back to our car at 1:30 in the morning, I shouted at the pedestrians and the night downtown Fort Worth, “Hey! You’re beautiful!”

And yeah, side note, I just think people are suddenly so sexy when they start speaking their mother tongues.