One Line a Day

One line a day

This morning Emily gave me a very special gift, “ONE LINE A DAY, A Five-Year Memory Book”. It is a beautiful little book for me to keep my journal in a very special way. It starts on January 1, and each page is for a day with five columns which are for the five different years of that day. Then I turn the page on the next day, and fill in the date accordingly. After finishing my first year, I will have to flip back to the first page, continue my journal on the second column for the second year. A column is pretty tiny which allows me to write down only a small paragraph (or even just a sentence) for each day. Now here is the interesting part as it says on the very first page of the journal, “A condensed, comparative record for five years, for recording events most worthy of remembrance.” This makes me wonder, what should I write down for today? What is the most valuable thing happened today?

After I came home with this little book, I immediately started to write things down. However, today is November 7, I would like to begin with the first day of the month, and 7 is actually not too late so I traced back to November 1. I’ve been using this blog for more than six years now, and I will never want to let it go so I also want to make a copy down here. (Chinese is my favorite and of course my best language, but now things happen around me in English so just allow me to write it down in English.)

[Nov 1] Studied with Emily, Brizy, and Danie at home *Ear plugs* and listened to Em’s presentation for her graduate thesis (+Chri). Frozen yogurt seems like where me and Chri will wanna go all the time. Stayed up till 4:35am with Em with wonderful conversation/fellowship/stupid jokes/laughter/sleepover.

[Nov 2] Decided with Em to do the “Love” verses pray-reading throughout the entire Bible. Woke up with Caramel Brulee Latte on my desk (with Chri screaming at us in the morning about how late we went to bed.)

[Nov 3] Gloria’s birthday! Blending trip to Waco, TX. The Lord is amazing and precious! Took Danie together, such a lovely one. [Why little faith to speak for You, Lord? Lord, in You I also want to be fearless.]

[Nov 4] Had MR with Michelle and Danie (as she said: we can choose to meet God in the morning!) [Amazing sharing at the meeting/Awesome table meeting/Luke 22/Christ is the solid rock we stand]. Danie sleepover.

[Nov 5] [Shared with Christina] What matters is our faith and blessings from God. We need to have faith that God gives us the best things and leads us in His plan. We give Him the results of exams no matter good or bad. We trust in Him.

[Nov 6] Luke 14:12-14. They saw me when I was nobody; they took care of me when I can do nothing for them; they loved me when I was the least but needed it the most. [Pass on care and do this for God.]

[Nov 7] My best/worst ❤ friend got me this special journal and made my day! Thank you Lord for this wonderful companion. Screamed with Chri/Jumped/Sang/Ate up all Misa’s fried rice at Peggy’s.

Wait. Isn’t it interesting that I actually can’t remember anything from my schoolworks, jobs, or crazy schedules? I called Em earlier this evening and told her that all I can remember is the time with you girls and my enjoyment from God. This is so wonderful. I think everyone should at least keep a journal like this! You make yourself truly think about what is valuable in your life.

And yes, besides keep up with this one-line journal, drink 8 glasses of water every single day. Stay hydrated!

Green Hearts



I smile at you (but your smile is still fresher than mine) and think to myself… you don’t even know how precious you are.


I also want to be fearless.