Sixpence None The Richer

You might not remember this band, but you must know the song “Kiss Me”. I have been listening to this song since I was 10, and never thought I would one day hear this song live.

Live music is always stunning. No matter where you sit, a good band can draw you so close to them to share their breaths and heartbeats. Many times I closed my eyes to just let myself go with the songs, but immediately felt so wasteful doing that in a live concert.


They grew old, they grew up, and so did I. However… I’m not sure what happened, but in one or two moments, I saw the young Leigh Nash in the grown up Leigh Nash (the lead vocal) from the eyes of myself of 10 years ago… Those old days which before we got anything fancy, I kept clicking the replay button on the computer to record the song “Kiss Me” over and over into one single tape, and I got to carry it with me to listen to it again and again. Her voice was so sweet, and still so sweet today.

“You’ll catch me soon than later.”